The Fall Instructional Transition Team (FITT) will create a bridge between the EOC/Advanced Planning groups and Academic Affairs, bringing subject matter experts together to address the logistical realities of delivering Fall 2020 face to face (F2F) instruction during the pandemic. Specifically, FITT will work through the proposed F2F course list to address the intricacies of how the campus will support our academic programs, special accreditation requirements, labs, and courses through assessing student, faculty, space, facilities, environmental health and safety, and ITS support needs.

The committee includes:

  • Co-Chair: Vice Provost, Mary Oling-Sisay 
  • Co-Chair: Director of Planning & Design, Mike Fisher
  • Director of Academic Resources, Holly Martel
  • Academic Scheduler, Bella Gray
  • Business Services Manager, Facilities, Liz Whitchurch
  • AVP of Facilities, Jeanne Rynne
  • Design Architect, Kassidy Banducci
  • Director of Risk Management, Kim Comet
  • EH&S Specialist, Sabrina Zink
  • Director of ITS Applications and Information Security, Josh Callahan
  • CAHSS college representative, Heather Madar
  • CPS college representative, Lindsay Righter
  • CNRS college representative, Anthony Baker 

Specialists will be brought in as needed for consultation and advice, including the Deans, CIO, APS, Library Dean, SPF Executive Director, ODEI, SDRC, Custodial, etc.